Post #3: No Edit / No Read (Showing vs. Telling)

Hello Friends, It is time for Post #3 of “No Edit / No Read” (Showing vs. Telling). (*crowd roars*) Ahh, yes. You may now release your bated breath into the atmosphere, allowing it to surround you and lift you up into the writing Zen zone. Sometimes you need the Zen, because the shenanigans of “Showing” […]

Post #2: No Edit / No Read (Lots of Dialogue vs. Meaningful Dialogue).

Welcome to Post #2 of No Edit / No Read (Lots of Dialogue vs. Meaningful Dialogue). Over the years, writing advice has flip-flopped about the use of dialogue. A time existed where the pendulum for the mass use of dialogue swung incredibly high. Many insisted that your story required large quantities of dialogue (at least […]