“There’s a rumor going around, you think you’ve stolen the best of me”, the Devil said. “I won’t abide a copycat, and a clone there will never be.”

“Devil, your game has gotten old, it’s time for someone new”, Mike said. “So, now Devil, if you think you’re the best, tell me what you’re gonna do.”

The Devil lifted his eyes and ripped a smile. “I’ve come to challenge you to a duel.”

Mike laughed and slapped his leg. “Ok, sure thing, Devil, bring it on. This ought to be some fun.

“You and me owe apologies for all the deeds we’ve done. The challenge is to undo the lies and wrongs, each and every one.”

Mike thought for a moment, there was a lot he’d done. “How long do I have to accomplish this feat? I’ve wronged just about everyone.”

The Devil raised his eyebrow. “As long as you like. The rest of your life. It’s all up to you.”

“What’s the prize?” Mike asked. “I’ve told a lot of lies and too many people have been had.”

“How about a ticket straight up to heaven, even though you have been bad?”

“And what about you?”

“Your soul to torture for all eternity. I’d have thought you already knew.”

Mike said, “It’s a deal, Devil. I’m not afraid of you.”

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