Life past by in a blink of an eye and Mike was soon to die. He remembered his deal with the devil and realized he was about to fry. So, he wrote 1 letter and made 500 copies for the people he’d wronged and lied to. He laughed inside and was filled with pride, because most had already died. He would never suffer their ire.

To his surprise the pearly gates opened wide and Mike sauntered in with luck on his side. Greeted by the faces of people he knew, Mike realized what fate he had met. An eternity spent in penanance to all of whom he had given slander, revile and slate. Any regret was much too late.

Mike walked back to the angel at the gates and said, “I want to file a complaint. This isn’t fair. I made a deal, I won the devil’s duel. This suffering’s not my right.”

The angel pulled off his mask, showing the Devil hiding beneath. “You deserve this personal Hell. You lost the duel the day you made the deal. Nobody can best me.”

Mike gasped. “What on earth do you mean?”

“I said apologies were due to everyone we knew, who were wronged and lied to by you and me. But I have never done those things, you see? People have known me all along, even you. I’m honest in all the bad I do. But you hid like a snake and your soul is mine to take.”

Finally, Mike realized his mistake.

Bye, bye, Mike.

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