Hello Friends,

Today, I wanted to share with you ONE of my favorite quotes, which has helped keep me going in difficult times.

It is:

“No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up,

And NEVER Give up!”


I first heard this quote from a wonderful upper-level manager I worked for about eleven years ago. She was speaking to our team of about forty employees as part of a team building activity. She always had a knack for motivating people.

The day she spoke those words, it could not have been a more perfect time for me to hear them. I needed some inspiration to get through an oppressive little funk.

But it was not the quote alone that inspired me, it was the break down of the methods we can use to keep going even when it is extremely difficult. Whatever pain we suffer, emotional or physical, can be lessened by moving the hyper-focus away from our problems and take conscious steps to keep moving forward.

Kind of a ‘fake it until you make it’ scenario.

Here’s how these simple words can help:

1. GET UP –  Do not wallow in bed! If we are physically well enough to get up out of bed each day, we should make it a habit to get up at a specific time everyday and prepare for the day ahead. In other words, get eight hours of sleep in bed, then get up. This may be challenging and it may be one of the bravest things we do to keep moving forward. We have to take the bull by the horns and show it who’s boss!

2. DRESS UP – Does this sound like a shallow solution? Statistics have shown that most people feel the best about themselves when they put an effort into their appearance. So, instead of shlubbing into those bulky, stained and holey sweats – we need to find clothing, that makes us feel our best and gives a sense of pride. It may be as simple as a shirt in a favorite color, or a pair of pants that makes the butt look amazing! This small act of consciously contributing to our appearance can help build confidence and lift spirits.

3. SHOW UP – This applies to showing up to  both the physical and emotional callings of life. The first plan if action is to meet our responsibilities in life and physically be where our physical and mental presence is required or valuable. When we fall into a funk, it can be hard to get to work, family events, or even the breakfast table. We need to engage for a number of reasons, but most importantly in difficult times, because it is good for the mind, body and spirit. Sulking in a dark room, in bed, wearing holey sweats is not healthy.

We are, by nature, social beings. Even the shyest among us benefit from being around others and soaking in the positive vibes. Socializing with other people at work, at family events, and even at the breakfast table can get us out of isolation and around others who will, whether they know it or not, likely lift your spirits.

4. NEVER GIVE UP – The one guarantee we have in life is “change”. Nothing ever stays the same in this world. There is no situation that will be permanent or etched in a stone as insurmountable. Whatever we are experiencing, good or bad, will not look the same in six months, a year, or three years from now. The clouds will eventually lift and suffering can be lessened or illuminated. Hopefully, the good things will stick around longer and long enough to be cherished, thoroughly.

When we are down we must try to remember that things are going to change, eventually,  and as Ghandi once said:

“Be the change you want to see
in the world.”

Realize there is always hope and we are the hope whether in our personal lives or the lives of others. We can be the one person who can turn someone else’s day around, just by a smile or kind word.

We are in control of the power to keep moving forward to better times, one step at a time. Find the good things and the right people to fill up your minutes and bring back your joy, even if it only comes to you in small pieces at first. It is the beginning of the foundation to feeling good again.

Is there a quote that inspires you or keeps you going if you fall into a funk?



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