Anyone who has ever attempted to write understands how challenging it is. Whether you choose to write as a hobby, a part-time means of income, or as a full-time author – you know that what appears easily on the page to the reader is the product of hundreds of hours of sweat, tears, and endless mugs of coffee.

The number one job of a writer is to write. We must pour the flurry of story bits and pieces out of our heads and onto the page, eventually arranging this scrambled up collage into something amazing. It is the miracle of our craft. We possess the magic that captivates readers all over the world. At least, we do if we ever actually finish our story before scampering off to something new, even more intriguing and full of promise. SQUIRREL!

There are lot of squirrels to keep writers entertained. While we may be unique creatures, we are also human beings like every other person on the planet, with busy lives, families, jobs and circumstances outside of our control, pulling us in every direction (including away from our writing goals).

It is easy to feel like we do not have the time or even the right mindset to be able to follow our dream of becoming a successful writer or to continue succeeding in an already existing writing career. Life would be so much easier if we just gave up the whole foolish idea.


Don’t give up on your passion! You are driven to write for a reason. You have stories to tell, a unique perspective, and a voice that should be heard. Otherwise, you would not be a writer. Not everyone is meant to become a writer. The majority of the population have no desire or patience for it. But you do – you have something special that will not let you go, that’s why you keep coming back to it. Deep down you love it, despite the struggles.

Can you imagine what would happen if all the writers of the world decided to give up when things got tough? There would be no more writers, and the world would be a very sad and boring place.

The fact is, every writer is experiencing daily challenges that threaten to keep them from their word count goals, book cover designing, or marketing activities. Yes, it’s true! Even the most seasoned and successful writers are struggling with real or phantom problems that are beating up their will to carry on. But they keep going, progressing and learning to adjust to the shifting tides.

The key is to recognize what these writing disrupters are and how to handle them effectively. What exactly is holding you back from reaching your writing goals? Well, it is easy to put the blame on time. And while time can be a true factor, we must accept the fact that we each are given the same twenty-four hours in a day as everyone else. I, personally, would prefer thirty-six hours, but it’s not going to happen.

Or perhaps you believe you suffer the infamous writer’s block. You may be disappointed to hear that writer’s block is not a real phenomenon. What we call writer’s block is basically a disruption in focus caused by a number of factors. Sometimes, this can be resolved simply by reading over a page or two of your previous work. Or loosing up with some writing activities. There are some handy writing prompts and games that can be found online to get the juices flowing again.

There are, however, other factors that hold us back, which you may not have considered.

The top five culprits sabotaging writers in meeting writing goals are:

  1. Negativity
  2. Excuses
  3. Doubt
  4. Prioritization
  5. Learning

The bad news is – the challenges we face as writers will continue to exist at some level, no matter what. The good news is – there are countermeasures we can implement to dissipate their power and regain our writer’s strength! It just takes some determination and conscious effort to push through and conquer.

I will be presenting a five-part series over the next week covering these top five ways writers self-sabotage their writing goals and how to beat them back.

I am looking forward to you joining in on the discussion!


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