DOUBT is the kryptonite of writers.

Doubt is the all-powerful anti-writing force that eats away at every strength a writer possesses to create the moving parts of a fantastic story and carry it through the publication process. It is the destroyer of imagination, good feelings and positive action.

If doubt were a gladiator, it would be named Doubt the Destroyer!

Doubt creeps in quietly, at first. It whispers softly about your charlatan writing abilities. It often disguises itself as a few self-deprecating jokes. Doubt points at the writers around you, the real writers, and demands an explanation for what the heck you think you’re doing. It claws at the false cloak of writing confidence you dared to put on and suggests you fade away before you really embarrass yourself and everyone you know.

Damn. How can any writer win against Doubt the Destroyer?

Everything you do becomes a victim of doubt. You find yourself falling deeper and deeper into the trap that has been set for you, by you – The What Ifs:

  • What if your story is not interesting enough?
  • What if your characters are like paper dolls scooting around the pages?
  • What if you can’t finish?
  • What if your ending sucks.
  • What if you can’t make this story into a series?
  • What if nobody reads your book?
  • What if everyone reads your book and hates it?
  • What if you get zero book reviews?
  • What if they find out you’re a no talent fraud?

Beating down the power of doubt can seem nearly impossible. But like any warrior faced with an insurmountable foe, your will to survive must be engaged. Like most bullies, Doubt the Destroyer is fed by your fear and belief in the lies.

But Doubt the Destroyer is so mighty, how do you win against such a giant? You keep going!

  • Trust your process
  • Write the words down no matter how hard they are to get out
  • Push on as if your book were a masterpiece of the ages
  • Create a motivational mantra
  • Create a motivational vision board of success
  • Create a writer’s gladiator name for yourself and put it on a t-shirt!
  • Give that coward doubt the finger and finish your story just to prove doubt wrong
  • Let your story SUCK – for now – edit later
  • Shake-up your writing process and find the best fit
    • Try writing sprints – 25 minutes (getting as many words written as possible)
  • If in a story funk, take a break and get personal with your characters.
    • Discover their likes/dislikes etc. Getting to know your characters better can help you move the story forward more confidently.
  • Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with good vibe-ing things and people that lift you up.  

The great news is – You have the power to banish the foe living inside your head! You are the King or Queen of your writing destiny! You do not need to put your fate in anyone else’s hands.

Keep taking positive action. Keep going even if you do not feel like you know what you are doing. Determination is the key to your success. Whatever you do not know – you will learn – as long as you do not stop.

Write On! My friends.


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