A very interesting and thought provoking article by fellow blogger Rashidul.huda. We need more involvement with the process of deep thought and questioning of old religious dogma.


There are various beliefs about the concept of death. Many believe that after we die we come back in this very world in a new form—reincarnation, many believe that after we die we are either punished for the sins we did when we were alive or rewarded for the goods we did when we were alive—Heaven and Hell, then there are the ones who believe there is nothing after death—the world, our existence, everything ceases for us. No matter what belief you follow, you are very certain that you will die one day for sure, it is something inevitable. But do we truly understand death?

If you consider the concept of reincarnation, and the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we, as a form of energy should not stop existing, we can only be transformed from one energy to another. This supports the reincarnation belief—we lose our…

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