Hello Friends,

I wanted to wish you all good tidings, health, personal growth and good fortune as we approach not only a new year, but a new decade. The year 2020 sounds exciting to me, almost as though we are about to leap straight into a science fiction novel.

Along with the thrill of change, the opportunity to reboot, we should remember that it is also very ‘okay’ to feel some trepidation, as well. Fear of the unknown is normal. Some of us may worry whether we can do better this time around, making better choices in whatever we endeavor to do. These feelings are perfectly normal, too.

The most important thing we can do in the coming year and decade is to keep moving forward with hope and courage tucked firmly under our arms. We do not win at anything because we are confident, but rather, through our determination. Our confidence is more often gained after we succeed. If we make mistakes along the way we will gain new wisdom to help us to continue moving forward in the right directions in life and our personal evolution. Best wishes on your new journey in 2020!

Try Again

Vibrations deafen me,
Pounding hooves,
My heart spires, thrilling dread
We have been here before,
Something is expected
The end flies on iced winds
Judgement and choice descend
Colors blur in smokey mist
Black and white, behind me
Pale uncertainty, fire red, ahead
Safety in my held breath
Until the final bell tolls
Exhale ash of a year gone past
Step forward, arms spread
Flames of renewal warm my face
Time to start anew, try again.

Be well, my friends!


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