Hello Everyone,

Quick rant about Twitter. 🐦……

I can’t do it! I do not know what it is about this social media forum or platform, but I do know it is not for me. What is worse is that I feel a little sad/bad about it.

However, the blasting if random thoughts, opinions and questions drives me crazy. And I feel that unless you are already a ‘somebody’ or can ‘do’ something that benefits your followers (if you get any) you’re simply shouting from a windy mountaintop, waiting to see if anyone shouts back.

“Yo. Waffles are pancakes? Take my poll.”

“Making soup in my 20 litre pot, today!”

“What’s under your bed?”

For real? These tweets came out of the writing community….and they received a lot of responses. Hundreds.

I’m sorry if this post offends anyone, but I find Twitter aggravating, anxiety inducing, and a waste of my time and a drain on energy. I don’t have time for nonsense.

It feels a juvenile, reminding me of a high school cafeteria scene. Popular kids, nerdy but funny kids, kids throwing food (or Twitter shade), and the others. The little red tweeters, in a blue tweeter world, who have plenty of ‘followers’, who don’t actually follow them. Pseudo followers. Not cool. ✌

Anyway, I can’t seem to stop popping in about once a month. But if you are looking for me on Twitter, I’m not really there.

I prefer to interact on Instagram (@wileywriting4) and Facebook (Joan Wiley – Fiction Writer).

There are various definitions of the word “twitter”, this one cracked me up:

Noun: idle or ignorant talk. “drawing-room twitter”

Similar: prattle, chatter, babble, talk, prating, gabble, jabber, blather, blether, rambling, yackety-yak, yabbering, yatter, wittering, nattering, chuntering, clack. twattle

Yeah, it feels like that 👆

Flying away now 🦋



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