Keep Going

We often question our ability to do what we must to reach our dreams, happiness, or simply digging out of a rut or bad situation. The fight to keep going can be exhausting and the successes miniscule. Why not just give up?

Because, whether you realize it or not, someone is watching. Someone is taking notes as you sludge waist deep through that slimey, sticky, shoe sucking mud bog. Slipping, falling and pushing on, inch by inch.

This person may hate you. They may be placing hopeful bets against you, cheering silently for your failures. That’s okay, let them. The only true failure is to never try at all.

On the flip side, a surprise in my life was discovering someone is inspired by the struggle. Rooting for my gains. If you have kids, the instinct is to set an example. It’s a given. But to realize that another adult, a peer, views you as their inspiration is not only mind-blowing, but somehow causes the chin to lift a little higher and the soul to dig even deeper.

Keep Going!

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