Don’t Drop the Hope

I have to dream, like I have to breathe.  Dreams are made of hope and we can’t let go of that because hope is full of love. Love for ourselves and those who matter most.

Don’t drop the hope!

Right now, there is so much bad messing with out heads. It can squash us emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even financially. It pushes back on our hopes and dreams, making us think they shouldn’t or can’t exist because things are too scary. Survival mode is kicking our butts.

Dream on!

Your dreams have every right to propel you forward. Dreams are not only made of hope, they lift up the ones closest to you, too. If hope of better days does not exist we must be dead, because that’s the crush. No hopes, no dreams, means you’ve stopped fighting.

Hope is for the living! 🌞

Keep dreaming out loud. Spread the hope for good days far and wide. Go viral. Get contagious. Dream like a boss! ❤💜

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