Book Announcement

Hello friends,

I am excited to talk about the upcoming release of my book “A Sword Song for Blood Roses”.

What is this book about?

🌷Poems and Prose – to be concise.

Where did the name of this book come from?

My mind is relatively romantic by nature. I adore the old romantic stories of days gone by. I also love – as you may have read in my previous posts – lyrical and dramatic poetry.

Imagine yourself existing in times when dreamers, magic, ladies, warriors and royalty roamed the world. It was a time of deep thought, contemplation of existence, suffered sorrows, and prevailing hope for better days.

This is we’re the heart and soul of “A Sword Song for Blood Roses” resides. However, all the work is written in very relatable language and relevant topics.

Overall it is a collective ode to humanity and the endurance of the human spirit.

What is a sword song?

It is the music from the blade of perseverence. Singing of hope and determination to prevail.

What are blood roses?

🥀They represent the heartache and sorrows we suffer, whether through internal battles or external wrongs thrust upon us.

When will the book be available?

August 31st, 2020

I plan on sharing the beautiful cover in two weeks. Meanwhile, I am finalizing the design and edits. The book will be available in ebook and hardback formats.

Stay tuned!


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