Moon Goddess

Bathed in moonlit, I sink into the depths of black water.  It licks at my flesh, rising higher as I go deeper.

Silken caresses ’round my chest and neck, tiny pebbles and sand beneath my feet, until the waves pull me into their flow.

What lies below I no longer know or care. My mind transfixed by the moon’s glow, that silvery crescent crown above my head.

I am lost to the gleaming mysteries of black water taking me away from shore, a shimmering team pulling the chariot of my soul.

Carrying me to that secret place of Endymion, my eternal sleeping lover, that I may know him once more.

Our cheeks brushing on the shore of our awaking hearts, breaking the spell mighty Zeus fell upon him, just for a while.

–Joan Wiley

Published by Joan Wiley

I am a writer primarily in fiction, poetry, and motivation.

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