Such is Life: A Poem

Hello Friends,

Life has a way of kicking our butts at times, doesn’t it? As a young woman, first venturing into the adult world, I had no real understanding of what was in store. I blame too many episodes of feel good sitcoms, and fairytale movies, for handing me a pair of rose colored glasses, to start along my bird chirping path of life. 😄

Unfortunately, the glasses slip off eventually, and the harsh realities of life end up grabbing hold of our innocent minds and slam dunking us into poop piles.

Fortunate to be a realist with optimistic tendencies, I keep putting on those rosy glasses each day and carry on, anyway.

Here is my ode to life.


Life, a parading parody
of what I imagined,
a stream of heartaches,
marching, crisscrossing
through the ebb and flow
of our mortal years.
Few know of mine,
a lesser number care,
in this slow chase
of destiny and survival.
Battles won, or lost,
are fought alone
within confines of these
vehicles constructed of bone.

I thought there was more.

Meaning, sought by ticks
of the human condition,
a search for placement in
life’s race, a long journey
into a mercurial land amidst
shapeshifting personas, and
tongues speaking dialects
alien to my comprehension.
Frayed by their elements,
I am scattered into winds
stirred by their passing,
fallen into a wasted wake
of shattered bits, a soul
left to scavengers.

My existence less relevent than relative.

The riddled past smolders
beneath layers of wreckage,
crumbled among the masses
with no resemblance to
the naive expectations
youth dreamed in repose,
now, remolded numerous,
inventive and strategic ways,
so, I might continue to live.
rather than disappear
into a lonely oblivion.

Something persists to remain.

Turn these burning eyes
to a horizon blazened 
with the rise of new hope,
warming away the aches,
soothing harsh memories.
I am blinded by a surge of
possibilities, aspirations
infecting me with renewed
belief I can carry on, I am
strong enough to face
the fight of a new day,
regardless of my
understanding of it.

Such is life, each day.

–Joan Wiley ❤

Copyright 2020 Joan Wiley

Published by Joan Wiley

I am a writer primarily in fiction, poetry, and motivation.

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