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Welcome to 2021 (a Realist’s POV)

The page of the calendar turns and a new feeling of hope is born in the hearts of many.

We tuck away a year of past sorrows in trade for the beginning of something new.

A fresh start is underway with a positive mindset, a fresh point of view.

Perhaps things will go our way this time and we can dance to a new tune!

Fresh opportunities indeed will arise, but not by the changing of the year, nor by crossing over some invisible line.

We must press forward by staying in stride with the continuation of our goals and beliefs.

We cannot erase the struggles of the past, they will not simply dissolve away, troubles still persist.

So, take a deep breath and level your head, continue forward prepared for the joys and battles ahead.

Happy New Year to All,

Stay Sane and Walk Tall.


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