Angel (a ballad)

Someone once gave me a flower,

Deception hidden behind his back,

Poor judgement was my blunder

For the posy soon turned black.

His kisses, warm, sweet poison

His touch burned me into thrills,

But when the devil gazed at me,

His eyes gave me dreaded chills.

He told me his name was Satan

Of this, I should have guessed,

Sowing seeds with mortal women

Was his vile, and loathsome quest.

So, a monster grew inside me,

It tossed and clawed until released,

I gasped to look upon the tiny beast,

Trickery lay before me, innocent deceit.

My heart, raging cage of thunder,

Soul blazing a lightening course,

It was hell I sought to plunder,

Upon, Revenge, my trusted horse.

In the depths of a cavernous fortress,

Through its blackened gates I flew,

How I managed to find my way,

I ascertained only the Devil knew.

He stood regal at center, bathing

In glorious fathoms of red flames,

And when his eyes cast upon me,

I called out the devil’s wretched name.

“Satan, I implore you, liar tho you are,

Take your monster from my breast,

Drown her in your unholy depths of fire,

This evil hidden ‘neath an angel’s face!”

“Indeed, you believe I deceived your trust,

  ‘Twas lonesome eyes made you blind,

And my desire for sweet innocence, lust,

Ergo, divine beauty mine, just for a time.

Yet, no child is ever given a soul of evil,

  I have no power of souls to make,

Call me seducer, rebel, dark prince, angel,

Only loathe, wasted souls, I care to take.”

Somehow, I knew his words were truth,

To my child, an angeI, I swore an oath,

Raise her cherished, only kindness known,

  Never giving room for waste or loathe.

–Joan Wiley❤

Published by Wayward Writer

American Author, Entrepreneur, and Free-Thinker.

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