Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Monday – hoorah!  Wait, are those ‘boosI hear?  The Monday blues, maybe? Do not despair, I come with good cheer! I love Mondays and you can, too.

Monday, in general, gets a bad wrap. It is the first day of the week, symbolizing the return from our days off, or the ‘weekend’ – our period of extended rest away from debtor’s slavery (joking…sort of). Because of this return from our rest, leaving the loving arms of our families, and comfort of our home, we tend to view Monday as the enemy.

Monday represents all the things we do not want to face. Primarily, our responsibilities, at least those which exist in the structure of society. While on our mini two day vacation, it sometimes feels like the serious demands of our public lives are shut off, like stage lights in a theater.

Monday comes marching in, way too soon, and it’s curtain call time again. Monday whips out its megaphone – “Wake up, slug, you’re on in thirty!”

We resent it, to say the least.

We struggle to get our metaphorical ‘makeup’ on, and act right. After all, the world is waiting for our appearance on the grand stage. Time has shuttled away everything we enjoy most about life: peace, rest, comfort, family time, and social media (ha). Once again thrusting us into the gladiators’ ring. (I love metaphors)

Monday opens it great arms and sucks us inside, where responsibility awaits, shouting orders in the distance – “You’re late!”, “Suck in that gut, and smile!”, “Prepare for the 9am, 11am, and 1pm meetings!”, “Email, email, email!”, “No, idiot, that’s Becky, not Susan!”, “Clean up that mess!”, “Lunch time is thirty minutes, not thirty-one!”, “Can the sarcasm!”, “Pay the bills, get the groceries!”, “No, it’s Cindy, softball at three o’clock. Billy, at ballet by four!”, “Go, go, go!”.

Phew! Yes, I think you may be right. Monday is a bitch and Responsibility is her General (or Stage Director).

So, why on earth do I like Mondays(love is too powerful a word)? I prefer to think of Monday the same way I look at New Year’s day. A fresh start of a new week. Opportunity. The welcoming to the beginning of striving toward, and possibly achieving our goals, whether for work, finances, personal, or public. It can be exciting, and a positive challenge to think, “How far can I go, and how much can I accomplish in the next five days?”. We can look at Monday as the kick-off to five days of successes.

In reality, we need Monday, (or another week day , depending in your life schedule), just as children need to have rules and boundries set, we need a direction and momentum for our lives. Monday is, in and of itself, motivational. A call to getting out of our comfort zones and take intentional action. Engage with the external world and other people. Take care of important issues. Build new connections and relationships. Ensure prosperity for ourselves and our family.

Yes, dragging ourselves back on stage after enjoying so much peace and relaxation is tough. But would we appreciate that comfortable time so much if there were no more Monday’s to jump start us every week?

You might say, ‘Yes!’

I think it us a matter if perspective, and choice. We can look at the positives of Monday, seeing the possibilities that lay ahead. Monday can be full of hope and potential, if we choose to embrace it that way.

Happy Monday, to all!


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