What’s In A Name?

In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliett, Juliett ponders on her balcony about the fued of her and Romeo’s families. She does not care about their family names. Only their love matters and names could be changed. Their names does not define who they were a individuals. Simple.

This quote may be true for roses but not so much for a writer’s story characters.

A name can give readers a nuance of what they may or may not assume about a character.

Most writers spend a lot of time deciding on fitting, or appealing, character names. We scour the internet or baby name books, researching their meanings. Selection is rarely random.

As writers are also people, we may hold some prejudices regarding certain names. Choosing them, or not, because of personal opinions. We might know someone with a name whom we like, or dislike, in excess, and it will make a difference in how, or if, the name is used.

I know this is true for me.
How about you? Are there names you are drawn to or reject because of someone you know?

If you are are writer, how do you come with names for your characters? Let me know in comments below.


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