Blue Dreamer (A poem)

Hello Friends,

Aren’t dreams amazing? I am the type who dreams every night and I look forward to what type of adventures I may experience each night of sleep. Sometimes dreams can feel very realistic, in a good or bad way. We are either relieved when we awaken from them, or disappointed when taken out of an enjoyable fantasy. This is the inspiration behind the following poem.

Blue Dreamer

I am lost somewhere, away from time, my eternal keeper. Forgotten are those weary woes whispered by the heart of a sinner.

Looking glass walls spin kaleidoscope arrays, casting me a shimmer in beauty without care.

I am afloat, room to room, over black gloss floors, a graceful dancer, twirling heart of an azure blue satin bloom.

My voice raises in wonder, scaling delight, taking flight above a sonic symphony, into perfect melodies, lullabies of a dreamer.

Spirit soars to rare grace, aflutter in this divine state, where love feels boundless, accepting of all I am.

Lo, something craves for me, claws raking, to draw me back, bliss scatters, escape flees capture from awakening to the master.

I deny the screeching demands, a rhythmic summons, assaulting senses, to no avail, I succumb to defeat, leaving the precipice of a sleep.

My eyes flare wide to meet the blue digit glare of the overlord, who will not be silenced until thrust into flight across the room.

–Joan Wiley

Copyright 2020 Joan Wiley

Published by Joan Wiley❤

An American writer of dark future, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and poetry. I need snacks, love attention, take naps, and get moody. I may possibly be a cat.🐱

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