Devil’s Dance

Hello friends,

I was thinking recently about all those internal battles we fight. A subject that comes to my mind often, perhaps because I have a fair share of my own to deal with, as most of us do.

Some of this turmoil we are willing to share with someone close to us, and some we keep locked away even from the ones we trust the most.

To give these demons a voice can feel like giving them more power, realness, or recognition than they should possess. Maybe to speak of them aloud fills us with a fear of appearing weak. Someone else may not see them as the fierce beasts we do and find them silly. Their identity revealed may bring us too much pain, or even shame.

Whatever the situation is for you, I wish you love and strength to make it through.❤

Devil’s Dance

On a whisper

     in the wind,

In a wave rolling

     to sea’s end,

Under shadows

     cast by night,

In stories written

     inside the mind,

No one will know

     upon a whim,

Afflictions braved

     from within,

Secret demons

     cast no light

Kept well hidden,

     far from sight,

No wind, no wave,

     nor dark of night,

Reveal the devil’s

     dance of spite,

Real or imagined,

      alone we fight,

Will of iron

steel held tight.

–Joan Wiley

Copyright 2020 Joan Wiley

Published by Wayward Writer

American Author, Entrepreneur, and Free-Thinker.

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