Crown of Roses

Trials of life are unavoidable, meaningful, and empowering. Without challenges and even suffering, we cannot learn and evolve throughout the cycle of our mortal lives. We do not grow as individuals through pleasantries, but by way of the battles we overcome.

Crown of Roses

Your sorrows left your soul battered, 
Drowned by screams of salty rivers,
Blazing red shame, branded by guilt,
They define you, but not as you think.

Your sorrows are not the enemy, nor
Your weakness, weighty baggage,
     Back to break, to slow your gait,
Throughout the passage of this life.

Your sorrows are those tender petals,
     Fallen from beautiful blood roses,
     Wicked black, thorny stems, are
Wisdom by fire, and strength of mettle.

Sorrows survived are your glory,
Power and pride that must rise,
To stand tall, victorious warrior,
And bear the crown you deserve to wear.

Joan ❤ 👑

Published by Wayward Writer

American Author, Entrepreneur, and Free-Thinker.

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