Book Covers – More Than Just a Pretty Face

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Hello Friends,

Book covers are so interesting now, compared to a hundred years ago, aren’t they? The right book cover alone can entice us to purchase a book, or at least click a button to find out more about what lies within its pages!

Some covers are gloriously eye catching, with beautiful colors and images, while others are extremely minimalistic. Many fiction covers have a meaningful picture relative to the story inside, and the title and text style can tell you what genre you may be entering into prior to even reading the book description.

Genres like Romance, Horror, and Science Fiction have particular font styles and colors that set them apart. It’s like a silent message that catches a book browser’s attention whether they realize it or not.

Poetry book covers are often quite simple in appearance, almost plain, and even the title may not reveal exactly what you can expect to find inside. More likely you will need to take a ‘Look Inside’ a book and read a sample of the writer’s work before committing to a purchase.

Book cover designs are rarely random, though we may not always have a full understanding of their meaning – there is a specific duty and representation of the book that, 99% of the time, has been thoroughly thought out, if not agonized over.

Today, I would like to share a few tidbits of information about one of my book covers and extend a special offer to poetry fans (USA only).

The image featured on the cover of my book, A Sword Song for Blood Roses, is a representation of the Queen of Swords, a minor arcana card from a style of playing cards – known as Tarot.

Tarot decks are beautiful and intricately designed cards consisting of 78 major and minor arcana cards.

These cards were originally created for parlor games in the 15th century, with the earliest known cards found in Italy. For over two hundred years the cards were used to play games much like the sort we play today with ourmore familiar decks.

The suit of Swords in associated with action, change, force, power, oppression, ambition, courage, and conflict. Action can be constructive and/or destructive.

The negative aspects of Swords include anger, guilt, harsh judgement, a lack of compassion and verbal and mental abuse.

The Queen of Swords is a model of feminine wisdom and intellect. She can seem more masculine in comparison to the other queens in the deck and may come off as austere or emotionless. She represents the importance of making decisions without relying on emotion alone, as we often tend to do.

The Queen of Swords encourages us to look at all the facts before making judgments. Her desire is to connect to people using an understanding that is intellectual.

I selected the Queen of Swords image as the focal image for my book cover design for her symbolism of the turmoil and the power that exists within us all.

Our experiences in life are perpetual cycles of learning and growth. No journey is transformational without challenges, and this is the basis and premise of the poetry and art collection within A Sword Song for Blood Roses. I hope you will check out a copy!

Enter to receive a free hardcover copy of my book. In exchange, I only ask that you leave your honest review on Amazon!

🌟Special Offer🌟 until August 12, 2021

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