Blur the Mind for Clarity

Blur the Mind

for Clarity

Each of us sees life circumstances, situations, and even people,  differently. Guided by both our conscious and, the ‘million times’ more powerful, subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is always alert and hard at work, even while we are sleeping. Most of the time we are unaware that the choices and decisions we come to are based on information that the subconscious mind dug up in the archive files, which have been tucked away from the conscious mind, and are long forgotten.

Recent scientific studies have shown a blurred area of consciousness exists, where the conscious and subconscious blend. In this space of thoughts, we can become aware of the subconscious, to some degree. We notice nuances, vibrations and energies. We sense, think and feel differently when we are able to slide into this zone.

When we allow our minds to drift into this blurred area we are more creative and attuned with our true selves and a ‘subreality’ around and within us. We can even intuitively know correct answer to difficult questions or mathematical problems.

This is a blurred realm is where many writers and other artistics minds reside a large part of the time. A place where imagination, creativity, and feelings abound, allowing them to build whole worlds and breath life into unique characters, living adventures we haven’t seen before. This creativity seems to come from nowhere, but really it is stored bits of information surfacing and coming together over blurred lines to form a new reality.

Many people only see the conscious mind and aren’t aware of the benefits of connecting it to the subconscious. The relevance of their existence relies on the external world. They hang on tight, harboring a fear of slipping off the handholds, allowing themselves to float into the unknown. They believe that the way to accomplish more in life is to cram more into the conscious mind and make it work harder, but this is often counterproductive. While it may seem counterintuitive, clearing your head can be the best way to make progress.

You can begin to expand your mind into that blurred area, melding consciousness with the subconscious through calm and solitary endeavors like meditation, exercise, or even long, warm showers.

Relax, let go and allow the river of uncontrolled consciousness to pull you into undiscovered realms.

Give it a try, you may enjoy it and your life will be richer for it!


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