Hush, Just Breathe

Hush, Just Breathe

Hush, Just Breathe

Hold me close,
Hush, just breathe,
Deaf to the world,
Listen to me.

Brown, blue, green,
colored eyes I see,
Blink once, wink
and look at me.

Slice the palm,
warm and red,
Hold my hand
until we're dead.

Skip stones across
the mirrored sky,
Six quick kisses
but close your eyes.

Count on petals
the daisies grow,
Search the clover
for leaves of four.

Chase in fields
lost, wild horses,
Steal their shoes,
hang them upwards.

Rusted skeletons
hold the key,
Open love locks,
hearts set free.

It does not matter
what life means,
Blurred in funnels,
long lost dreams

Born and bred,
the united scheme,
Trading in the skin,
a bankers dream.

Colors you bled,
only one is red,
Grind the wheel
until we're dead.

Nothing matters
where reality lies,
Hope for magic
or shoot the sky.

Become gentle,
eat their seeds,
Hold me close,
hush, just breathe.

Sail seven seas
without a breeze,
Ask an engine
what life means.

Clip your wings,
forget your flight,
Teach the children
late at night.

Eat the crow,
pay your rent,
We own nothing
when we're kept.

Crush bitter roses
in plain sight,
Place on tombs
for those who fight.

Remember me
before we met,
Dreams are true
so, don't forget.

Clovers, daisies,
the honey bees,
Skipping stones,
and running free.

Hold me close,
hush, just breathe,
Drums for freedom
in our heartbeats.

Copyright 2021 Joan wiley

Published by Wayward Writer

American Author, Entrepreneur, and Free-Thinker.

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