Lost Treasure

Hello Friends,

A treasure exists in the world we live, worth more than a mountain of golden bricks. It goes by the name of happiness and each of us have it from our first born breath…

As children, we do not know its name, but we live with its wonder, in our hearts and minds everyday. Then, as we grow, it begins to slip away, stolen by the world and its harsh ways.

As adults, we become deaf and blind, unable to understand that the child’s wisdom lost, is what we seek to find. We travel through life’s years, filling our baskets with the things to make us feel loved and happy again.

At some point, we may grow wise, take a long walk and look inside. Find the child and see their worth, learn to play in sun and rain, do what’s right, see the good, and give hugs real tight.

For all the small things that the child kept, were the things of wonder and happiness. So, my friends, do not weep. Squeeze your eyes shut and you will see, the child is there holding the lost treasure you seek.


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    1. Oh, yes! That is wonderful you work with kids. It surely is a great way to get back some of those carefree and open minded feelings that can lift the burdens and allow our spirits to rise and see a brighter perspective. I love spending time with my granddaughter, who is nine years old. She is wise in her childish way, encouraging me to drop the dreary chores and play a game or sort through coins, etc. These simple, frivolous seeming activities always lift my spirits, make me laugh and realize what life is (or should be) about.❤

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