Strong (a poem)


Once there was a strong man,
Stories told, he stood eight feet tall,
Carried the world upon his shoulders,
But, in truth, he did not have it all.

The strong man's heart was lonely,
Despite the entourage in his wake,
Until the day he met a quiet woman,
Whose silence he swore to break.

He showered her with deep red roses,
Always ran ahead to hold her doors,
He told her all his stories, his heart on
A silver platter, for she, he did adore.

Quiet woman accepted all he gave her,
A strong, loving heart, and beautiful ring,
In return, she gave him all that he asked,
When she smiled, whispering six words.

Yes, strong man. Yes, my dear!

For long years they lived happy lovers,
Two beautiful girls they brought into life,
The strong man never held one regret,
With a quiet woman who changed his life.

When the strong man grew old and sickly,
The quiet woman stayed stoic at his side,
She cared for him with tender mercy,
Held him tightly and kissed his eyes.

As he drifted away, into the misty light,
His final breath came as a heavy sigh,
He held no fear, and wept not one tear,
In the comforting arms of his strong wife.

Copyright 2021 Joan Wiley

Published by Wayward Writer

American Author, Entrepreneur, and Free-Thinker.

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