Hello Friends,

I am happy to return to my blog! A break is healthy and necessary, from time to time (in any part of our lives), and can help us re-center, as well as give us an opportunity to contemplate where we want to go on our journey.

So, I have some exciting news to share with you!

Over the past two years, this blog has been an eclectic reflection of myself. Primarily, a mixture of beta poetry, writing advice, inspirational and opinion pieces. Time for a change.

I have decided to shelf the writing advice and inspirational pieces, leave them to those who have a passion and strong voice for these topics. While I do have love for them, they are the extra, work intensive pieces and take away from my truer passions of fiction writing, poetry, and of course my opining ;).

Three categories:

  • Fiction = (Sun & Thur) 250 word shreds, current work-in progress
  • Poetry = Periodic
  • Opinion = Periodic

Site Menu will update to reflect this (3 Cat) change, soon. Old posts will be archived. My joy resides in sharing what I love to do most, with people who may enjoy it.

I hope you will check in and give me some feedback on my posts.

See you this Sunday, when I will post the first 250 word shred from my current WIP, “Circling True North”, an Asylum U.S.A. Saga book – which will ulitmately be published to Kindle Vella (a serial novel platform).

Take care,


Published by Joan Wiley❤

An American writer of dark future, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and poetry. I need snacks, love attention, take naps, and get moody. I may possibly be a cat.🐱

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