Circling True North

(Beta Shred #2 from Episode 1)

(Beta Shred #2)

A brazen boot swings off the curbing past the wall where I lean. Before he has time to adjust his eyes to the shadows, I spring, forgetting the gunshot wound – driven by pure instinct and adrenaline. Fingers of my left hand clamp down on his wrist, redirect the bullet exploding from the gun barrel downward. Right hand plunges the shears into the side of his neck. Another round shoots the air and he yells, falling sideways. I go down with him, landing in the weed garden of cracked asphalt.

Ferocious in mission, I claw up his great trunk, straddling his left side and rip the rose cutters from his neck. I arch to deliver another thrust, intent to tear open his neck and bleed him dry. No ordinary civilian – his momentary shock is replaced by sheer will and rage – he rolls back, swings his arm, blocking my downward momentum and knocking the slick tool from my hand. It skitters out of reach, and peripheral vision. Weaponless, my advantage is lost. The battlefield of his body will become my grave if I do not move quickly.

Drive my fist into the right side of his skull. Bones crack beneath my skin and I wince against pain and knowledge I have foolishly rendered my hand useless. Before I gather acuity to order my muscles to move, his hand closes around my throat. Black hollow of the gun muzzle rises to my temple.

Hello Friends,

I hope you enjoyed reading this little piece. My next post from my SCI-FI, dystopian serial novel “Circling True North” will come from Episode 2. I do not want to give you too many spoilers. I am excited to say that complete episodes become available on Kindle Vella in a few weeks.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing with you on Sunday.


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