Of Choices and Book Blurbs

Hello Friends,

You may have noted recently, I am working on a novel called, “Circling True North”, which is the first book in the Asylum U.S.A. Saga. I have tossed around whether to share this story via the Kindle Vella, a serialized story platform, where episodes are released one at a time, on a scheduled basis. Though I am not certain I, or many others are sold on the token purchase concept, or Amazon’s attempt to dominate yet another self publishing venue.

I have also considered going it alone and either posting free-to-read on my website or creating a youtube podcast. Both of these methods are far more exciting to me. I may choose them both!

So, I am curious, if you have used Kindle Vella, whether as a reader, author or both – what are your take-aways from the experience? Have you ever made a podcast for your story or book? Or, if you post chapters on your website what do you see as the benefits or drawbacks, if any?

Tonight, I have been playing around with a book blurb. I would appreciate comments or opinions to improve. Thanks!

“I can’t remember who I am, or why I did what I did. If I don’t figure it out soon, I may face the executioner’s blade, or consequences far worse.” —Jemma

Book Blurb for “Circling True North” (A Sci-fi Thriller)

Friends, lovers and enemies all hold a stake in the return of Jemma’s memories. As the shattered pieces of her past begin to come together, Jemma realizes death by execution is not the only threat she faces in a twisted utopia. Soon she will be forced to make choices with life or death repercussions for the ones she has trusted, and those she has come to care about, including a miracle child, yet to be born. Her decisions have the ability to create a chain reaction, catapulting the trajectory of humanity in a new direction. The question is whether a person like Jemma should have such a power.

Hope your week is going well. Take care.


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