Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #8

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I am posting the beta shred below a bit early, since I will be on the road tomorrow to take care of some out of state business. Have a beautiful rest of your week!

I will leave you with this lovely:

"Blessed are they
who see beautiful things
in humble places
when other people 
see nothing."
~Camille Pissarro

Circling True North – beta shred from Episode 4 “Psych”

“Rose, is that you?”

I swivel, right arm wrapping across my body, hand clasping my side. A woman stands behind me, at the ridge where linoleum and carpet meet, dressed in dark blue, cinch-ankle overalls, hands tucked into deep pockets. Pale-blond, sleek hair draws a razor-sharp edge across her jawline. She glances at the hand on my side, brows slightly crooked, curious, above the black rim of rectangle glasses. I relax, rubbing my hand across my side, and bring it to rest in my lap. What I hope appears as a natural action to cover my knee-jerk reaction. It has been years since I wore a holstered weapon as…an enforcer.

“Sorry?” I say, prompting a play past what feels an awkward moment.

The woman blinks and smiles, as if she too is surprised, or confused, then releases a short laugh. “Oh, excuse me. I mistook you for someone else.”

Her eyes shift from mine to the window, then slide to the elevators. She is already analyzing me, wondering what I am doing in the waiting area, close to an escape route – when I should be tucked neatly into my hospital bed, perhaps shackled. I glance at her nametag.

“Dr. Marks, I’m Jemma Somerville.” I refrain from adding a snarky, the murderer, to my intro. No need to get off on the wrong foot with the psych-press, mind-meddler, doc-of-thought. Whatever – I’m not a fan – but it is not her fault. I push off the bench with a wince. “We had an appointment?”

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