Crime Scene – Chapter 6

Beta Shred – “Circling True North”

Hello Friends,

I haven’t posted anything from my current work in progress for a couple of months. So, that is the context of my blog post today – a little beta shred from Circling True North (a Sci-Fi novel). If you have read the seven episodes currently available on Kindle Vella, you may remember this portion of the story. Jimmy has gone to the skirts crime scene in search of evidence to explain what happened the night he found his best friend Mickie murdered and non-communal partner, Jemma, badly wounded…

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing, Somerville?”

Jimmy yanks the ITG from his head, recognizing Chuck Peterson’s snide voice without need to turn around, but he does. Peterson stands spread legged behind him, hands on his utility belt, and a sneer pulling up the left side of his freckled face. His head, jutting from the V of hitched box shoulders, is adorned by a flamboyant red plume of hair that defames the dignity of proud roosters everywhere. Jimmy’s fingers itch for a sharp pair of scissors. Illegal, of course, but a man can dream.

“Your job, as usual,” Jimmy says. “Did you or your team think to harness your critical thinking skills and look beyond the crime tape? As a matter a fact, have any of you bothered to come down here at all?”

Peterson stalks over, stopping inches in front of him, and jams his right forefinger into Jimmy’s chest.

“You are not the investigator in charge, Somerville, I am. And as of right now, you’re sitting on a very fine line, enforcer, keep pressing your luck and I’ll push you off,” he sneers, and snaps his fingers in Jimmy’s face. “You’ll be sliding down the ranks and back into the fells, where you belong, before you know it.”

“One. Touch me again and you’ll be eating my fist for dinner.” Jimmy swipes Peterson’s hands away. “Two…

Tonight, I am waist deep into Chapter 9 and things are going from bad to all out disaster for Jemma, Jimmy and their mission.

Take care of yourself and hug somebody you care about.


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