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March 16, 2022

Shortcuts ✂

Human nature, in our fast-paced world, is to want things to happen fast. We have short attention spans, as well as patience, these days. Gone are the days when we waited with excitement for things to eventually happen. Twenty years ago, we even waited with heightened anticipation for AOL to connect us to the internet, and we were filled with the thrill of success when it did. (Weird, huh?)

The method we use to get from here to there can depend upon the circumstances.  The quickest driving route to my destination is benefitial when I’m in a rush. However, if I merely glance at Google maps for the shortest drive time to the grocery store, neglecting to consider other factors such as road construction or the amount of traffic during certain times of day, I may fail to save time in the end.

On a cross country roadtrip, the fastest roads can get me to my final destination with time to spare, but what may have been lost for the sake of speed? If speed is all I desire, I have lost nothing. But if my goal is leisure, pleasure, and discovery, I have lost the experience of enjoying sites of beauty, history and simply relaxing into the quality of the journey – whether alone or sharing it with another.

Not all things are effectively conducted at a slow pace. But it is important to realize that, more often than not, if we want quality of experience and positive results or response to what we create or how we engage professionally, or even privately, we must recognize and measure the most effective, benefitial, and level of quality desired with some forethought.

Most are familiar with the old adage “we reap what we sow”. Versions of this statement appear in the Christian bible at least 28 times, and though I am not religious, it is a value I not only believe in, but of which have witnessed and personally known the results of – both good and bad.

In conclusion, shortcuts are handy and often benefitial when appropriate to the circumstances and desired result. Going slower, being thorough, enjoying the journey and creating a quality product or experience can bring about a more desireable effect in the most important aspects of our lives the long run.

Joan ❤



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