Art is Freedom

Being a writer is not merely the exercise of a creative mind. As with any artist, writing is freedom of expression. Independence from the outside world. Escape from the structure of expection, and norms, into a realm where no one else has control. The great thing is, we do not need to be experts at our creative pursuits in order to benefit from them. Plus, when we love what we do, we will continue to do it and improve over time as a result.

A draw back, in a time when it is fairly easy to turn a dime for nearly anything we do, is the difficulty to resist the urge to cash in on our talents, skills, passions and even personal lives. Not to say we should never offer our creative works for purchase, but this should not be our sole, or soul, endeavor. We are not a commodity and our joy does not require valudation via payment.

Freedom comes from pure and fully immersed engagement with the act of creation. Getting ‘in the zone’ increases pleasure endorphines, filling us with a sense of fulfillment and optimism. A good buzz.

However, once we begin calculating method, trends, quantity, timelines, finances and comparisons with others, we apply constraints to creativity. Art, individuality, and independence are diminished, and we lose the real joy and reason we got started with our art in the first place. Suddenly, days are spent stressing out over getting words written and spending hours coming up with clever social media posts to get people interested in us enough to want to buy our creative wares.

To have an artistic outlet is a wonderful freedom which every person can benefit from on very personal levels. When we get in ‘the zone’ we experience independence and a sense of fulfillment, in turn producing satisfaction and optimism. Not all we do must be monetized or shared with the outside world to be valid, or make us more real.

Life can be more pleasurable when we make creativity our sanctuary. Anything else that follows should be a by product of a good buzz, for others to appreciate – should we choose to share it.



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