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Realistic Fortitude

Hello Friends,

I wanted to pop-in this fine Tuesday evening for a wellness check. We have so much going on in the world, and in our lives these days, it is easy to find ourselves drowning in chaos. Afraid we are failing on one level or another.

It comes to a point we can really get down in the dumps. Start to lose hope and even faith in ourselves. I just want to tell you the one true thing – only one – that you need to remember to make it through.

Change is the one thing we can count on.

As rotten as things seem, they will not stay this way. You might be sweating over a steaming pot of rising inflation, political and social unrest, rising crime, all while your personal responsibilities are bubbling up to overflowing, branding a gooey fear of failure ring in your mind.

It’s time to push that pot of slop to a ‘back burner’. Change your focus. Keep trudging toward. And know, you are not alone.

Fear is an overwhelming force that creates a crevasse in our ability to reach goals, or even sustain our comfortable normal. Whether our desire is to continue supporting our family financially or reaching goals as, say, a writer – we must realize the control is still in our hands, no matter what chaos is circling around us. We may need to adjust our course, change the pace or take some back roads to get there.

Fear of failure creates *Flight or Fight* behaviors. Both reactions come from survival instinct. But, instead of running in either direction, we can try *Realistic Fortitude*.

Take a deep, calming breath…take three!

So, yes. I am coining the phrase realistic fortitude, because we need a term that encourages positive progress without unreasonable expectation.

Realistic fortitude enables us to continue pushing through the rough patches without becoming overwhelmed. We do not crumble, run, or battle. We keep going with purpose and confidence.

We can bring new appreciation and excitement to the things that truly matter – like home, family, friends, pets, celebrations, our achievements, (no matter how small) by giving them active recognition. It is uplifting and even empowering when we pull the good things, blessings and successes in our lives, out into the light of day. It feels great to hear them spoken and see them in a journal or hung up on the fridge.

We are all travelling together on this journey of life, though we may have different goals and paths to follow. Focus on forward motion, focusing not on the messy pot on the back burner, but your desired destination – the comfortable normal or the desired goals. You will get there. We all can make it through together.

Take care of you, and hug someone you love,


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