Touch of Darkness

Part 2

Each night I sat upon my dressing chair and gazed at the mirror while I brushed my hair. The girl beyond the looking glass returned my stare with a lazy grin, and we pulled long strokes to a well-timed rhythm. Neither of us spoke, but it felt we shared a secret.

Then one night, while I rest my head, a thundering of hooves circled ’round my bed. I curled up to the headboard, and over clutched pillow peered, eyes wild to pierce the shrouded corners of my room. I dared not shut them, lest terror steal my breath.

In suddenness of surety, hooves scraped over the floorboards, with something drawing near. A beast emerged from the shadows, captured in the crescent moon’s soft silver gleem. Mouth so dry I could not swallow, nor could I wet a scream. A frightful apparition stood before me, like none I had ever known, neither in the forest nor streets beyond my home.

Spiral horns oiled to a sheen, eyes glinting above a nose, long and lean. A wicked smile, drawn from narrow teeth, and broad cut jaw, angled to a sharp, dimpled chin. Handsome in a frightening way. A shudder ran through my when he spoke my name.

“Fear not this face, tis but a curse I bear beyond the mirror. Within the long night realm is where my true self dwells, and only the beast within this hell. Come with me. Come. Let me show you, my love.”

A knarled claw stretched toward me and though I cringed to bear its brush, something inside me burned to know. My body yielded, strangely eager to feel the touch of darkness from Satan himself. I know not whether fire or ice spread upon my neck, but just one stroke took me farther into the darkness. The place where I awoke.

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