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Hello Friends,

I am a multi-genre writer living a mild-mannered life with a wild imagination in the western U.S., with my husband and our ‘pack and pride‘.

My work swings between dark fiction and inspirational. I write in a wide range of genres, including scifi/fantasy adventures, and psychological thrillers – check out my short horror/thriller collection Villainous Minds: Psychological Thrillers – available on Amazon/Kindle. I also enjoy creating articles for my blog related to writing (Indie Author-ly U), inspirational and motivational pieces (Just Joan…Thinking Out Loud), and sharing poetry.

Retired from “working for the man“since 2020, I now enjoy living for my passions of writing, art, fishing, traveling, dogs/cats, sci-fi/fantasy/horror books and movies, and contemplating the secrets of the universe.

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