Episode 3 “Probe”

Beta Shred #5 (256 words) “Circling True North” My door bangs open, sans a courtesy warning tap, and I nearly topple from my precarious legs as Dr. Allyson Walker flies over the threshold. Caught like an archaic bride with a bouffant ‘do in a windstorm, and nowhere to run. I sag against the wall, handContinue reading “Episode 3 “Probe””

Episode 2 “Awake” – Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North)

Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North) Raise my eyes to meet the boorish inquisitor, surprised to see a handsome face under siege of conflicting emotions. Stoic eyes, pressed brows, and grim slash mouth are pushed back and buried beneath long, slender hands as he flops down, into the visitor’s chair. Struggle to rise onto myContinue reading “Episode 2 “Awake” – Beta Shred #4 (Circling True North)”