good and bad poetry by Bogdan Dragos

Originally posted on Gobblers / Masticadores // Editores: Manuela Timofte / j re crivello: Well, after you write enough and try to publish for long enough you just notice it There is no such thing as good or bad poetry. There’s just poetry to which people can relate and poetry to which people can’t relate.Continue reading “good and bad poetry by Bogdan Dragos”

Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday Hello Friends, Welcome to Monday – hoorah!  Wait, are those ‘boos‘ I hear?  The Monday blues, maybe? Do not despair, I come with good cheer! I love Mondays and you can, too. Monday, in general, gets a bad wrap. It is the first day of the week, symbolizing the return from our daysContinue reading “Motivational Monday”