Alone, I Wander (a dystopian poem)

Alone, I Wander Alone, I wander through a valley of shadows, where death towers over me under a watchful, ancient, silver eye, cycling from judgmental slit to audacious observer, on and on, the watcher rolls. Its name I have lost, forgotten or disavow with spiteful satisfaction, however meaningless, my legacy to time’s incessant passing, daysContinue reading “Alone, I Wander (a dystopian poem)”


Bathed in moonlit, I sink into the depths of black water.  It licks at my flesh, rising higher as I go deeper. Silken caresses ’round my chest and neck, tiny pebbles and sand beneath my feet, until the waves pull me into their flow. What lies below I no longer know or care. My mindContinue reading “SELENE”