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Writing Words of Good and Evil

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Karma Wept

A poetic romp for the imagination!

In her usual avant-garde style, poetess Joan Wiley proves herself a unique voice and ‘wayward writer’ among contemporaries.

Karma Wept, is an engaging mixture of poetry, sure to spark readers’ imaginations. Poetic narratives, ballads, and shorter poems, blend fiction writing and poetry for an interesting reading escape.

Poems and poetic narratives (stories) are divided into four parts:

  1. Devils
  2. Death
  3. Disillusion
  4. Dreams

Poetic themes explore the supernatural, mythology (mythos), future/past settings, dystopian ideas, death, foul play, love, lore, and the human condition.

Readers seeking a unique and thought provoking poetry experience will enjoy immersing themselves into Karma Wept.
A treat for the mind and a feast for the soul.

A Sword Song For Blood Roses

A gift of poetic eloquence and thought-provoking narratives..

Joan Wiley uses artistry of words and creative imagery to delve into the essence of the human spirit in this unique collection of poetry designed as an ode to the tenacity of the human spirit.

Themed chapters explore emotional landscapes of the human spirit: Sorrow, Hope, and Triumph. Readers are taken on a transformational journey where inspirational prose and poetry soeaks to the disenchantment of heartache,  inspires the renewal of hope and reveres the rise of personal power.

Villainous Minds

Psychological Thrillers

The mind is a monster we cannot escape…

Five short psychological thrillers will drag readers to the dark side of the human mind and drop them into the deep end. Fly through the pages as twisted and enthralling stories make you wonder what you would do to survive, escape or turn the tables under similar disturbing scenarios.

A villain dwells inside us all, held at bay by rational thought, values and morals. But when the mind reaches its limit, the tables can turn between victim and villain.

Sanity and will are put to the test and only one question remains. Who is the victim, the villain, or ultimate survivor by the end of their story.

Boneyard of the Fallen: Marriage is tough. Add the excitement of an inheritance, greed, and a plan (or two) and it can be murder. Will and Debbie are in for the camping trip of their lives.

Dukha’s Gifts: Warriors, whether man, woman or demon, enter the battle knowing they may not survive. Each side fights with the belief they are right, as is the case for a slayer and a demon. Both willing to give all to eliminate the other, in this battle of wits.

The Deep Dark: A woman resurrected from death strives to overcome her new visual handicap, paranoia for a killer, and keeping the person she once was suppressed. But sometimes, the parts of ourselves that we despise, are the things that help us survive.

The Cat’s Meow: C.B. made a new life for himself and he is ready to share good news with his ma. He is about to discover how difficult change can be for some people.

Rise of the Dragon: Mary and Scott enjoy a therapeutic weekend retreat. When the lines between doctor, patient, abuser and victim blur, things get hot and heavy, and a more than a little messy.

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