Beautiful Human (a poem)

If I see you as a beautiful human, will that be enough?

If I do not recall all the tags you wear, will you say I am unjust?

I want to know the you inside, not the encasement of your light,

Tell me the things that you aspire, all your plans, goals, fuel for flight,

Let us laugh and cheer each other, speak deep of life, and the cosmos,

Beautiful human, you are more than tender flesh pigmented, or burn of hormonal preferences,

And if you are to know me, too, we must meet within our essence.
Copyright 2021 Joan Wiley

Why not?

A wonderful, inspiring, and meaningful poem by Grace of the Sun ( In the pure hearts of humanity we all long for this… Visit her site for more beautiful poetry!

What’s wrong with having fantasies?

Must we all see, to then believe?

Why must this be reality?

I rather build what I perceive!

Why can’t my life be my daydream?

Every new day would be supreme.

All human beings on the same team,

within each smile a beaming gleam.

No deceptions or need for lies,

all felt hunger would quickly die.

Each breathing […]

Why not?