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Hello Friends,

I have enjoyed a little break from blogging over the past month, or so. But I have also missed it! This busy time of year certainly can pull us away with all the festivities. Aside from all the fun, I have been working hard behind the scenes with my writing. Which I admit, is also my version of fun, but I have a tendency, at times, to overfill my plate. This is the reason, my excuse,  for neglecting the frontier of blogging. Now on to the exciting stuff!

Books – Books -Books

1) Let me start by saying sometimes bad things are opportunities in disguise. So is the case with the accidental unpublishing of my poetry book A Sword Song for Blood Roses. When I discovered the error I was upset, at first, but it was just the burr under my saddle, so to speak, that I needed to get motivated.  Because of the unfortunate mistake I was inspired to accomplish a few tweaks and create a paperback version of the book, as well. So, after a few minor changes A Sword Song for Blood Roses is available once again in Kindle ebook, hardback, and now paperback, too. Yay!

2) Great news, if you have followed the Circling True North posts in October and November, short 250ish word ‘shreds’. The story follows Jemma, a woman in a futuristic USA who is suffering partial amnesia after a brutal attack, and is now facing a charge of murdering her attacker. I am excited to announce the serial novel has gone live! Episodes 1 – 3 are available for free on Amazon’s Kindle Vella. Episode lengths are between 1500-2000 words, or about 3 to 5 pages. I bring this up since to continue reading story episodes on Kindle Vella, readers purchase tokens. It is not expensive. Total money invested to read an entire serial novel is about the same, more or less, to the cost of an ebook purchase on Amazon.

So, if you enjoy serials akin to the weekly release of television shows, you can read  episodes as they are released or binge once they have all dropped. I expect to put up a new episode of Circling True North once a week. United States readers can find it by going to Amazon and searching Kindle Vella Circling True North.

3) The New Year brings the release of two new poetry books, Versing into the Mystic Blue – Reverie in Poetry (Available 2022)and Chase the Melting Sky – A Poetry Phantasmagoria (Available 2022). As you my know, poetry is my first love, and the thing that has always come naturally to me. The books will include original artwork, created by me – another of my passions. I will have more posts about these books in a few days, and am planning to have a drawing to win free copies of each book! 🎉 🎊


Whew! That’s all for now. I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New year-!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!

Take care, and hug someone you love!

Joan ❤

Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #8

Hello Friends

I am posting the beta shred below a bit early, since I will be on the road tomorrow to take care of some out of state business. Have a beautiful rest of your week!

I will leave you with this lovely:

"Blessed are they
who see beautiful things
in humble places
when other people 
see nothing."
~Camille Pissarro

Circling True North – beta shred from Episode 4 “Psych”

“Rose, is that you?”

I swivel, right arm wrapping across my body, hand clasping my side. A woman stands behind me, at the ridge where linoleum and carpet meet, dressed in dark blue, cinch-ankle overalls, hands tucked into deep pockets. Pale-blond, sleek hair draws a razor-sharp edge across her jawline. She glances at the hand on my side, brows slightly crooked, curious, above the black rim of rectangle glasses. I relax, rubbing my hand across my side, and bring it to rest in my lap. What I hope appears as a natural action to cover my knee-jerk reaction. It has been years since I wore a holstered weapon as…an enforcer.

“Sorry?” I say, prompting a play past what feels an awkward moment.

The woman blinks and smiles, as if she too is surprised, or confused, then releases a short laugh. “Oh, excuse me. I mistook you for someone else.”

Her eyes shift from mine to the window, then slide to the elevators. She is already analyzing me, wondering what I am doing in the waiting area, close to an escape route – when I should be tucked neatly into my hospital bed, perhaps shackled. I glance at her nametag.

“Dr. Marks, I’m Jemma Somerville.” I refrain from adding a snarky, the murderer, to my intro. No need to get off on the wrong foot with the psych-press, mind-meddler, doc-of-thought. Whatever – I’m not a fan – but it is not her fault. I push off the bench with a wince. “We had an appointment?”

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