Chalice of Peace (a poem)


Hear me on the whistling winds,
carried through trees on high,

Know me by the slip and sway
of the seas as they sigh,

Feel me bound to the rock of
mountains towering with pride,

See me over flowered fields,
drifting shapes across the sky,

Never alone shall be one who
gives kindness none can see,

For I am you and you are me,
our hearts beating in unity,

Of every faith, color, and creed,
together we are humanity,

From every place of the world,
set the rulers upon a shelf,

Give us love, hearts of wealth,
a chalice of peace above all else.

–Joan Wiley

Reblog from ‘Literary Titan’: Throne of Darkness: Rise of War – Book Trailer

This one is intriguing…


When millionaire Tobin Masters tried to kill himself he never imagined that not only would he survive, but he would find himself in the dimension of Hell. Enslaved by the living artifact The Throne of Darkness, Tobin becomes the Observer and is forced to record the events of the War of Ascension. Satan is a […]

Throne of Darkness: Rise of War – Book Trailer