Shut Away (a poem)

The old ones will go,

The wise must leave,

Keepers of our history,

Shuttled away, shut away,

Gravely grieve the family,

Silenced and separated,

No more tales, no prayers,

Dared to share, no whispers

Passed to ears not there,

Who will sound the alarm,

Alert the young of harm

To their humanity

None will remain

To recognize the chains

Of a badge, a mark,

A stain on the name

Of any whom question

The masters’ game

Of illusion, speak Bernays

To the people we

Indoctrined to the religion,

Ignorance is freedom,

The ugly truth fuels hate,

Wisdom is under assassination,

Fear is powerful weaponry,

And evil always has

Cookies baking.


A Feeling So Fair (a poem)

A Feeling So Fair


Treasures have been bestowed and wars fought in the name of love. We often feel the need to display our feelings in tangible forms, but nothing is more precious than the courage to lay your heart at another’s feet. In return, to have it handled by gentle hands as a gift fragile and rare – is A Feeling So Fair.