Of Choices and Book Blurbs

Hello Friends, You may have noted recently, I am working on a novel called, “Circling True North”, which is the first book in the Asylum U.S.A. Saga. I have tossed around whether to share this story via the Kindle Vella, a serialized story platform, where episodes are released one at a time, on a scheduledContinue reading “Of Choices and Book Blurbs”

Does Your Story Have The ‘IT’ Factor?

Two undeniable facts about story: 1) Readers love a good story, whether it is a short story, novella, stand-alone novel, or a multi-book series. We want to dive into stories that take us to exciting places and time periods we have never experienced, such as: Space, the wild west, ancient Greece, Rome, Alaska. We wantContinue reading “Does Your Story Have The ‘IT’ Factor?”