What’s In A Name?

In Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliett, Juliett ponders on her balcony about the fued of her and Romeo’s families. She does not care about their family names. Only their love matters and names could be changed. Their names does not define who they were a individuals. Simple. This quote may be true for roses butContinue reading “What’s In A Name?”

Goldilocks and Three Struggles of Creativity

Hello Friend’s, Are you a writer who struggles with the highs and lows of creativity? No – don’t leave!!  I really couldn’t think of a better opening for this article. Of course, writers are plagued by creative pitfalls, no denying that. The writing mind is like living in a hut with Goldilocks, who is gettingContinue reading “Goldilocks and Three Struggles of Creativity”