Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove (a poem) I can sing the mourning dove’s song,Say you are right, when you’re not,I play pretend well, pursuit of my quest,Deference lies, painful, inside my chest.I climb atop mountains, when I’m alone,Sing into deaf winds, release storms borne,Swear bloody oaths, awaiting Jesus,Fall upon swords, taste of self treason.I will do what makesContinue reading “Mourning Dove”

Tanka Poetry

This week I had the opportunity to participate in a poetry challenge via instagram! Such fun is offered regularly by _@mythospoetssociety. This one in particular involved writing something about “weaving a dream’ – in Tanka poetry form. Prize for entrants was a feature/highlight by _@mythospoetssociety. Okay, I do not usually enter contests. I’ve tried itContinue reading “Tanka Poetry”