Does Your Story Have The ‘IT’ Factor?

Two undeniable facts about story: 1) Readers love a good story, whether it is a short story, novella, stand-alone novel, or a multi-book series. We want to dive into stories that take us to exciting places and time periods we have never experienced, such as: Space, the wild west, ancient Greece, Rome, Alaska. We wantContinue reading “Does Your Story Have The ‘IT’ Factor?”

Strong (a poem)

Strong Once there was a strong man,Stories told, he stood eight feet tall,Carried the world upon his shoulders,But, in truth, he did not have it all.The strong man’s heart was lonely,Despite the entourage in his wake,Until the day he met a quiet woman,Whose silence he swore to break.He showered her with deep red roses,Always ranContinue reading “Strong (a poem)”