Book Review “AESOP: A Matti Baker Thriller” by Michele Packard

If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced book and a female character with a lot of snark and killer instincts, check out AESOP: A Matti Baker Thriller from author Michele Packard. It is the introduction book to the AESOP Series. AESOP: A Matti Baker Thriller Author: Michele Packard Description: Private contractor Matti Baker's personal... Continue Reading →

Indie Authors and Book Review Hostage Situations

Hello Friends, I recently encountered a problem when enthusiastically announcing I was reading another independent author’s book. I'll bet you can guess what happened. I hated the book. The Conundrum of Reviewing Other Indie Authors Writers, let’s face it, when we read a book, we are perceiving writing style, storytelling and overall composition of story... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Grim Secrets by Nannette Kreitzman

Every writer has a unique voice and style, but not every voice and style is appealing to all readers. However, I will eagerly suggest that author Nannette Kreitzman's beautiful voice and smooth writing style are the combination to draw readers back for more, story after story. Kreitzman is a short story writer who is one... Continue Reading →

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