Five O’Clock Sun (a poem)

Five O'Clock Sun Video Five O'Clock Sun I am startled By voices raised,Angels, reaching Spires of my regret,Cries like doves, Flutter in shadows met,Sunlight shyly peeks, Through dustyWindow streaks Of my memories,Not as clear now As they were. Words we said, Drifting away,Your image, too Blurred to hate,I resist an itch To miss you inEmpty... Continue Reading →

Episode 4 “Psych” – Beta Shred #7

Circling True North - A Dystopian Serial Novel As I near the central desk, glowing faces of two staff members come into view. Slouched in their chairs, heads appear disembodied, hovering like fluorescent blue balloons just above the counter, emphasized by the dark backdrop of the unlit nurse‚Äôs station behind them. Eyes fixed to the... Continue Reading →

“Villainous Minds: Psychological Thrillers”by Joan Wiley

Book Review Reviewed by: Shrabastee Chakraborty Villainous Minds is an anthology of five extremely harrowing tales penned by Joan Wiley. If you believe that nothing horrific can faze you, spend a day with the characters in this book. How does a peaceful camping trip turn into a bloodbath? How will you banish a parasitic demon... Continue Reading →

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