Book Covers – More Than Just a Pretty Face

Plus a Special Offer Hello Friends, Book covers are so interesting now, compared to a hundred years ago, aren’t they? The right book cover alone can entice us to purchase a book, or at least click a button to find out more about what lies within its pages! Some covers are gloriously eye catching, withContinue reading “Book Covers – More Than Just a Pretty Face”

Book Review: Grim Secrets by Nannette Kreitzman

Every writer has a unique voice and style, but not every voice and style is appealing to all readers. However, I will eagerly suggest that author Nannette Kreitzman’s beautiful voice and smooth writing style are the combination to draw readers back for more, story after story. Kreitzman is a short story writer who is oneContinue reading “Book Review: Grim Secrets by Nannette Kreitzman”