Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove (a poem) I can sing the mourning dove’s song,Say you are right, when you’re not,I play pretend well, pursuit of my quest,Deference lies, painful, inside my chest.I climb atop mountains, when I’m alone,Sing into deaf winds, release storms borne,Swear bloody oaths, awaiting Jesus,Fall upon swords, taste of self treason.I will do what makesContinue reading “Mourning Dove”


This mind is dark and heavy,  I sometimes wonder if it is mine,Why so peculiar and indisposed,  Yet full of mercy for the unkind?Dark corners beckon to me,  Places others refuse to know,Speculations cordoned by silence,  Feed me nightmares when alone.When day passes to velvet night,  Yin and yang roll over like lovers,This labored mindContinue reading “HEAVY”